The Zija Difference

Since 2006, Zija International has been dedicated to supplying the world with nutrition-packed supplements and creating premium products that meet an unprecedented standard of excellence. Our uncompromised quality, embraced transparency, and assured integrity supports a lasting effort to make a global difference in the way of health and wellness. We call it the Zija Difference. And that difference starts at the source.

No. 1Our Journey Begins

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

—Arthur Ashe

The unique benefits of our life-enhancing products begin at different farms throughout the world. Through our careful sourcing process, we select the highest quality botanicals that provide rich, valuable, and environmentally responsible products. Plant origins are carefully researched and assessed to ensure ideal growing locations, climates, and even harvesting seasons.

Our Moringa Farms

Not all Moringa is created equal—its nutritional content can vary significantly depending on location. Zija explored several farms to ensure our Moringa trees are grown in their purest and most effective form. We discovered the botanical thrives in the arid climate of India, producing the most nutritional form of the tree.

More About Moringa
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Moringa can be viewed as a concentrated form and source of nutrients, in a natural form.

Highly Selective Sourcing, Uncompromised Quality

Each farm and its growing and harvesting procedures are meticulously assessed through site visits to ensure sustainability and ethicality toward environment and employees, eco-friendly practices, and raw material excellence.

Long-Standing Partnerships
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Global Expansion

Our Moringa farm set a high precedent with its custom soil beds and natural farming practices—an elevated standard that has been extended to Zija’s farms worldwide. We don’t cut corners when it comes to the value of our products’ ingredients; which start with our high-grade farming practices.

No. 2Prepare with Excellence

“The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the
will to prepare.”

—Bobby Knight

Our farms have refined their techniques for decades. We work hard keeping quality of botanicals produced and their local communities in mind. We are continuously progressing our preparation procedures so we can do our part in helping the world become just a little better and a little more Zija green.

Perfecting the Process

From hand-planted seeds to hand-picked botanicals, we like to be meticulous in our preparation to ensure our products are equipped with excellence. Dedication and care is at the core of Zija’s preparation practices; because when it comes to care, can there really be too much of a good thing?

Setting Zija's Moringa Apart
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Harvesting the Essentials

We carefully preserve the Moringa leaves, seeds, and fruits—the most beneficial parts of the tree—for our products and leave out the nutrient-deprived branches that are ordinarily used as filler in other Moringa products.

The Benefit of Our Blends
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Combining Moringa's leaves, seeds, and fruit maximizes the nutrient variety and composition of our products.

Slowly shade drying the Moringa ensures the nutrients are in their most bioavailable and concentrated form.

Nutrient-Conserving Shade Drying Process

When other companies use techniques like infrared drying on their Moringa, the valuable components of the Moringa leaves are damaged due to ultraviolet crosslinking of the nutrients. This means our bodies won’t be able to absorb the nutrients because they are no longer 100% bioavailable. We use sheltered Kadappa stone to create a humid, temperature-controlled climate for our Moringa to dry in.

How does it work?

The dark stone conducts a steady heat while keeping the moisture and valuable nutrition found in the botanical intact.

How hot does it get in there?

We keep the temperature below 104F, anything higher will weaken the nutritional value of the Moringa.

Consuming Moringa
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Essential Extractions

Essential oils have been used for centuries for various practices; when extracted properly an essential oil’s therapeutic and medicinal properties can provide an array of benefits. When we prepare Améo Essential Oils, we use two common methods of extractions:

The Art & Science of Extraction
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No. 3Take Care in Quality

Ensuring our products are the best-of-the-best means an extensive process of validation testing before they make their way to your door. In other words, we did our homework so that you don't have to worry about the quality of our products.

Plant Sourcing

Preparation & Harvesting

Quality Testing


Delivered to You

Quality Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facilities are certified according to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certified. Why is this important? It means Zija practices the industry’s highest standards.

Going Above & Beyond in Testing
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Picked, Tested, and Delivered—Right to Your Door

From our farms to your doorstep, Zija products have gone through a journey of tailored care, thorough preparation, methodical testing, and even careful packaging—each element significant in our efforts of
quality, transparency, and integrity.

High Quality Products, High Quality Practices
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We carefully package the products to deliver them to the people that matter
most in the process—
our customers.

The science and quality control that goes into making Zija’s products is the reason why we have the premier, leading product line in the health and wellness industry.

Healthy Shouldn't
Be Hard

A better life is possible with the right products, opportunity, timing, and endeavor. We empower people seeking better health through daily plant-based solutions so they have greater energy, time, and improved health to do what they love.

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